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  • संवादोपनिषद् - (वाद और संवाद की भारतीय परंपरा पर विमर्श) भारतीय अध्ययन केंद्र, काशी हिंदू विश्वविद्यालय, वाराणसी, (2017)     (View)

  • India's Intellectual Traditions, Edited with Introduction, Sahitya Akademy

  • Article on Bhasha Ka Sansaar aur Sansaar Main Bhaashaa

  • पण्डिता क्षमा देवी राव

  • Recent visits at London and Atlanta

  • Vāda in Theory and Practice, Published in association with Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, D. K. Printerworld (P) Ltd.

  • Prof. Radhavallabh Tripathi has served as Vice-Chancellor of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan (Deemed University) at Delhi for five years (2008-13). He worked as Visiting Professor at Silpakorn University, Bangkok for three years. He retired as Professor from Dr. Harisingh Gour University, Sagar (M.P., India) as Professor in February, 2014. Widely acclaimed for his original contributions to the study of Nāṭyaśāstra and Sāhityaśāstra, Prof. Tripathi has published 163 books, 227 research papers and critical essays. He has received 35 national and international awards. He is known for his creative writings in Sanskrit and Hindi. Research for Ph.D. has been completed as well as is being carried on his literary oeuvre in Sanskrit in a number of Universities.
    Prof. Radhavallabh Tripathi has donated about 2500 books, including rare volumes and journals from his personal library to the library of Sindhia Oriental Institute, Vikram University Ujjain.       (Read List)

    Contribution To Sanskrit Literature

    Original Research Works and Studies 36
    Proceedings of Seminars 17
    Special studies Project Reports edited 11
    Felicitation Volumes and Anthologies 5
    Critical editions of Sanskrit Texts with trans. 31
    Original Writings in Sanskrit 25
    Texts from other languages translated in Sanskrit 5
    Translations/adaptations of Sanskrit texts 31
    Creative Writings in Hindi 7
    Research Papers and articles 231
    Research journals edited 6
    Teaching experience 38 years of PG & UG
    Experience of research guidance: 38 years, successfully
    guided 35 scholars
    National/ International Awards and honours  35
    Key-note addresses/ Spl. Lectures delivered More than 40
    Seminars/conferences More than 25
    Participation in International Seminars: More than Ten
    Participation in conferences /seminars in India More than 150 
    Teaching aids and multi-media programmes  3+4
    Seminars on his contribution to Sanskrit
    organized by others
    Spl. numbers of Journals on his contribution
    published by others
    Books on his literary contribution published
    by other authors
    Research works for Ph.D. taken up on his writings  More than 20
    Studies/ Reviews on his books/ references
    to his publications
     More than 100

    ।। Blessings ।।
    (आशीर्वादः )

    मेधा यस्य नरीनृतीति भुवने नव्यप्रयोगैषिणी ।
    शास्त्रं लोकसमन्वितं विदधती बम्भ्रम्यमाणा दिशि ।।
    कीर्तिर्यस्य वरीवृधीति मधुजित्पादेन पास्पर्धती ।
    राधावल्लभ एष वन्द्यविदुषां वृन्देषु जीयात्तमाम् ।।


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