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VĀDA IN THEORY AND PRACTICE - Studies in Debates, Dialogues and discussions in Indian Intellectual Discourses. This monograph is mainly the result of studies conducted by me as a Fellow at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla; during the year 2014-15. There can be no two opinions about the vitality of Vāda – which is roughly translated for the purpose of this work as a category involving theory and practice of intellectual debates, dialogues and discussions. Traditional knowledge systems in India thrived because of Vāda. Vāda was cultivated in India’s intellectual discourses to project the distinct nature and uniqueness of each concept. This was possible through the frank admittance of both the agreements and the  disagreements. That Vāda could transform society, could bring changes in the life-styles; and quite often could also result in conversions of faith or religion is evidenced through numerous examples in this work in the following chapters - CHAPTER I: The Nature of Vāda , CHAPTER II:  A Brief History of Vāda; CHAPTER III: Vādaśāstra – the theories of Debate, Dialogues and Discussions; CHAPTER IV: Vāda in Darśana - Philosophical Debates; Chapter V: Vāda in Dharma -- Socio-political and Legal Debates; CHAPTER VI: Vāda as reflected in Literary Theory and Literature; CHAPTER VII: Vāda  in modern age. The monograph comprises approximately 320 pages. It is being published jointly by the Indian Institute of Advanced Study and D.K. Print World.

 A Critical Edition of Nāṭyapradīpa - Nāṭyapradīpa is unpublished and an original work on the principles of dramaturgy. The author Sundaramiśra, flourished in sixteenth-seventeenth centuries. Besides the Nāṭyapradīpa, he had also written a play Abhirāmamaṇi on Rāmāyaṇa –theme. The unique quality of his Nāṭyapradīpa lies in its comprehensive nature, it covers all the topics of Dramaturgy and with an all encompassing range and inclusivity evinces a sound understanding of structure of Sanskrit drama. Sundaramiśra offers novel interpretations on a number of aspects of drama. He has made a unique proposition through his theory of joint-dominance of two Rasas in a play. He has also attempted a brilliant analysis of the pervasiveness of bindu – (the point – amongst the natures of the plot) with respects to all the joints and acts of a play. He frankly and reasonably criticizes such stalwarts like Dhanika and Raghavabhaṭṭa. His contribution to Sanskrit dramaturgy also lies in applying the whole theoretical framework of dramaturgy  to several Classical Sanskrit plays and his own play Abhirāmamaṇi . Nāṭyapradīpa is one of the richest store-houses of references to several Sanskrit plays and with the publication of this work, Sundarmiśra joins the galaxy of great stalwarts in the field of the art of drama and theatre.
This rare work has been edited by me on the basis of two manuscripts and is being published for the first time by The National Manuscripts Mission, New Delhi and D.K. Print World jointly.

कथा राधा की –   कथा शकुंतला की (मौलिक नाटक, नटरंग- 96 में प्रकाशित) के बाद यह मेरा अगला नाटक है। यह राधा की कहानी  को प्रचलित मान्यताओं और रूढ़ छवियों से अलग जिस रूप में प्रस्तुत करता है, वह अपनी दृष्टि और बोध में यह कृष्ण की कथा का मूल और बीज  अंतर्निहित है ।

नाट्यशास्त्र –  प्रमाणिक संस्करण हिंदी अनुवाद सहित 2016 तक प्रकाश्य ।

An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Nāṭyaśāstra (to be released in 2017)
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